using badges

I propose to use three initial status badges.

Green - approved Red - denied Blue - ongoing discussion


  • I'm afraid I don't understand the concept of badges or what they entail exactly? Can you explain or point to an explanation?

    • I am not sure myself... I think it is just another way to organize the proposals and a flexible way to show their status.

      I suppose that it could be like this:

      • the proposal badges are like channels in slack
      • the status badges are self-explanatory
      • the milestones are major accomplishments we want to achieve - and proposals related to a milestone


      • norms are suppose to be documents for us to write collaboratively.

Proposed implementations

    1. You can either support a proposal or refuse it.

    2. And you can take it down in your watch list.

    3. Have a look at the informations concerning the proposal...

    4. ...add keywords for this proposal...

    5. ...or you can share the proposal with your friends on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

    6. It is not possible to evaluate just the comments.

    7. ...you can also have a look at the responses provided...

    8. ...you can even write an answer to an argument...

    9. ...and introduce new arguments.

    10. Or you can play an active role in suggesting proposals or introducing alternatives.